How to Throw the Best Bucks Party

Imagine this: your best buddy who has been with you through thick and thin is finally tying the knot. Some part of you might wish that he’d stay single forever but you’re also pumped up for him. And you’re especially excited because he chose you to be his best man.

With this role come many responsibilities though, including planning a stellar stag do. Apart from finding the best strip clubs Fortitude Valley has around, there are several other things you should consider.

Here are some tips to help you put together a party that your close pal and his guests will never forget:

Money IS an Object

As much as you might want to make it a destination bucks night, remember that there’s a budget you should stick to. Hotels and plane tickets are going to put a hole in your pocket so you’ll want to think twice before travelling far.

The main financial objective isn’t to splurge but to ensure that the guests will be able to afford to attend the event. If trekking in another location is not possible moneywise, book a great adult club in Brisbane instead complete with VIP booths and freely flowing booze.

Remember the Groom

You want everyone to have fun but, above all, you should ensure the bachelor will enjoy the activities you have in mind. This means you should scratch the idea of renting out a yacht if your buddy gets easily seasick.

Think about things you’re sure your friend would like to do. Perhaps it’s surfing, scuba diving, laser tag, or even sports. No ideas? Enjoying the nightlife is a safe bet for most guys so you could head on over to the OMFG Adult Lounge in Fortitude Valley if you want.

Plan a Whole Day

Rather than get-together only in the evening, why don’t you start in the morning and slowly build up the excitement for the party at night? So, let’s say you want to go to the best strip clubs Fortitude Valley has but you’re coming all the way from Cairns. In that case, go on a road trip and drop by a few touristy places then end up in Brisbane.

If you’re already in the city, maybe you could head to The Giant Drop or visit Peel Island in the daytime. You’d be surprised at the many local spots you and the other guests have never been to even if you’ve lived in the area your whole lives.

Successfully planning an unforgettable bucks night is a lot of work! Not to mention that many surprises could pop up in the middle of your fun. The tips above should help ensure that you’ll keep any damage to a minimum and crank up the fun and excitement to a maximum.

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