Horrible Bucks Night Ideas and How to Overcome Them

A bachelor’s party is a very special event in a life of a man. Whether it’s yours or your friend’s, the happiness and excitement that this party brings to your lives is just priceless. While there are plenty of bucks night ideas that you may find online or hear from others, there are those that are just a no-go.

The idea of doing something out of the box or something thrilling is quite exciting. However, some activities may be too risky or too outgoing. You don’t want the stag party to cause a disaster right before the wedding day, do you? Check out these horrible bucks night ideas and some ways on how to turn things around on your party.

Getting Wasted All Night

Pub crawling is fairly common to many bachelor’s nights. Men go out to bars for the fun of it. However, there’s going out then there’s drinking without moderation. Most times, alcohol plays with the mind thus resulting in undesirable consequences. Why don’t you have a decent amount of drinks with your buddies and visit strip clubs instead? See women dancing before you on stage and enjoy their spectacular performance instead of drinking too much all night.

Unplanned Out of Town Trips

Going out of the city or town is one of the best bucks night ideas but, doing it without proper planning is not favourable. This is especially true in cases where you and your mates leave a few days before the wedding. The problem with last minute trip decisions is that you can’t be too sure with your schedule. Who knows you might get stranded in your destination and you might end up missing the wedding? If planning an out of town trip, do this at least three weeks before the big day.

Inviting Ex-Lovers on Bucks Night

Sometimes it may sound like a good idea to meet your ex-lovers for some closure or for a casual catch up. Spending your stag party on dinners with your exes is a very bad idea. Your partner might misinterpret your good cause or they might think you are having doubts on your upcoming marriage. If you really want to meet your ex-lovers and invite them on your last night of freedom, at least consult your bride about it. Have a mutual agreement and make sure that they are fully okay with your plan.

Any plan can go wrong due to multiple reasons. When your stag party starts to go down the drain, try and find a way to turn things around. With a little creativity and a dash of curiosity, you can always make things better.

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