3 New Ideas for an Exciting Girls Night Out

It’s time to gather up your girlfriends for your night out in the big city. While it’s always fun to talk over coffee or tea, there are other unique things that you can do. Forget about your usual manicure and hair spa because more exciting ideas are to come.

Be creative on what activities to do and explore new possibilities that you ladies would want to try. From searching for “ladies only bars” to “strip clubs near me”, there are lots of things to look forward to.

You just have to remember that the decisions shouldn’t just fall into your hands.  Consult your friends on where and what they want to do. Why not pitch in individual ideas and decide your itinerary for the night? Throw in the best suggestions with these ideas for your night out.

Strip Club Visit

Who says only guys can go to strip clubs? Be a little bolder by visiting an adult club. Watch other ladies dancing while enjoying a drink or two of your favourite drinks. Now, the first question that would come up in your mind is “where do I find strip clubs near me?” Try searching online or ask a recommendation or two from a friend.

Casino Night

See who’s the luckiest of all by playing all night in the casino. Go by the slot machine or see who can bluff best in poker. You can have a friendly competition as to who gets the biggest earning at the end of the night. You even multiply the fun by jumping from one casino to another. Have an extraordinary time winning in your favourite casino games.

Wine and Cheese

If you ladies would want to just keep things casual, you can settle for a fancy wine and cheese tasting. Visit your local winery and have a taste of the finest merlot, chardonnay, and rose. Pair your drinks with a slice of manchego, gouda, or gruyere; your choice. Together you can expand your palates with the different flavours of liquors and cheese. This is the perfect activity to do while catching up on the latest stories you all want to share.

What you can and cannot do for your girl’s night depends on how willing you are to try out new things. The more open you are to new ideas; the more things you can do with your friends. Call out your lady pals and plan your next hangout. Pitch these ideas and come up with the best proposal for an exciting night out. Have a great time together doing things you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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